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Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Things to Ask at a Ghost Hunt

About Sarah, They’re Coming for You!

Restless spirits of the dead torment the living for many reasons. But the dark hunters seek one thing. It is not God’s blessing, but a soul for eternity.
For years, Sarah was tormented by these seekers. Each passing year they gained strength. Guided by her great great grandfather Hermann-who intercedes on her behalf-Sarah had faith, but now, she feels her faith in Hermann is slipping, and she grows spiritually weaker.

When a mysterious woman—a link from the past—enlightens Sarah of her journey everything falls into place. Sarah has a connection between her ancestral family and her own haunting from the rogue ghosts in the afterlife. They seek her in order to claim two family members with a single soul. One thing left to do for Sarah. Go to the family home in Austria and face the ghosts head on, or lose her soul forever.

Thirteen Questions to Ask at a Ghost Hunt

•If there is an apparition seen, does the apparition represent anyone identifiable (does anyone know “who” the apparition represents?

•Were there any unusual feelings or emotions associated with the disturbances/experiences?

Have there been any unusual electrically related effects? Have appliances, TVs, stereos, lights, or computers been affected? If so to what extent and how frequently? When any particular person(s) were around?

•If nothing was seen, yet you (and others) are sure there is something there (a presence or “entity” or” force”), what makes you so sure?

•Have voices been heard, either with without the appearance of an apparitional form? Were attempts made to see if the voices had a (living or mechanical) source?

•Have you or anyone else gotten unusual feelings in a particular place or at particular times?

•Have there been times when apparitions/ghosts, smells voices, footsteps or odd noises have been experienced by only some of the people (or just one person) and not by the others at the same time?

•Did the witnesses who had the experience of seeing/hearing a ghost know about the person (whom the ghost represents) before the experience?

•In the case of images seen, did everyone who saw something see the exact same thing, or were there the kinds of differences one would expect if the apparition had been a living person, there in the flesh? (If one person stood in front of where the apparition appeared , and another behind it, did the person see the figure from the proper perspective of front and back) or not?

•Describe the behavior of the apparition(s). Does the apparition repeat the same activity every time it appears? Or does it seem as if it is aware of your presence as well?

•Is there attempted communication on the part of the apparition? Have you or anyone else who has experienced the apparition tried to communicate with it?

•Would you say the apparition seems to be one that is conscious or aware of its surroundings, that is an intelligent “entity”?

•If not, would you say that the experience may represent a past event repeating itself like a video “instant replay”?

About Susan Kronick

Susan Kronick’s background is the perfect backdrop leading up to her latest paranormal novel, Sarah, They’re Coming for You. She has a Master of Science in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and a Ph.D. in Paranormal Studies/Psychology from Union Institute and Graduate School, as well as being an adjunct psychology professor at Barry University and Palm Beach State College. A psychic and a medium, she has the gift of seeing the dead since she was a child. She also has taught parapsychology classes through the Palm Beach County School Board, as well as at Palm Beach State College. Susan has extensive experience in the area of investigations of haunting and the paranormal. She lives with her husband and her four spoiled rescue dogs in south Florida. You can visit her website at “Like” her page at
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