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Thirteen Things About The Bedtime of the Sky and Other Sleepy-Bye Stories

The Bedtime of The Sky and Other Sleepy Bye Stories is an illustrated Children's book of five of my original bedtime stories in verse. This book was actually written long ago for my nieces and nephew, John, Catherine and Elizabeth, when they were very young children. Although they are now in college, actually two have graduated, I do have a new little reader to write for, my four year old niece Jillian!

I love writing poetry and fantasy stories and to mix magic with ordinary experiences. These bedtime stories in verse reflect my idea that there is magic in everyday events. For instance, I just know that there is a Dragon in the sock drawer that eats socks so we cannot find them, or that Dolls have a secret longing to help us clean up our room late at night!

A little about myself, I was born in England and although my parents moved us all back to America about a year after I was born, I truly believe that the stories and British classics that I grew up with, have had a huge impact in how I write and how I see the world around me. As a child I lived in a world of fantasy and fairy tales and I am hoping to share some that wonder and magic with the children that I write for.

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Thirteen Things about The Bedtime of the Sky and Other Sleepy-Bye Stories

1. The stories are all about the magic of childhood.

2. My main character in every story is a child, usually from the perspective of the reader.

3. Each story tells a tale of everyday happenstance which becomes something a little more than ordinary.

4. These stories were strongly influenced by my childhood books of British fantasy.

5. The stories are designed to promote sweet dreams.

6. I have a tremendously talented illustrator, Leslie Mathis, that makes each story come alive!

7. One of the stories "There's A Baby in The Sink" is based on an actual event at my Mother's home long ago.

8. The stories are designed to look at the world through a child's sense of magic and wonder.

9. The stories are short yet full of wild speculation.

10. I am trying to introduce a love of poetry to children, by writing each story in verse.

11. I wrote these stories in the hope of inspiring a child's imagination.

12. I am hoping that sleepy parents will also enjoy the trip back into a world of magic!

13. The book is short and (hopefully) sweet which I hope will make bedtime reading easy and comfortable.

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  1. This sounds like a delightful book for youngsters. Also, one that adults could enjoy and pretend to be 'kids' again. Best of luck.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Thank you Mason for your thoughtful commentary about my book. I really do hope that kids of all ages will enjoy reading it!
    Carolyn Wolfe

  3. Thank you Mason for your wonderful comments about my book. I do hope that kids of all ages enjoy it. I appreciate you thoughtful post!
    Carolyn Wolfe


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