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Friday Five - Five Things that Happened During the Writing of God's of the Machines

Friday is always a fun day at Writing Daze. Our visiting author for today is Gary Starta author of God’s of the Machines and he shares with us the Five Fun Things that Happened to him during the course of writing and publishing his novel.

About God’s of the Machines

Detective Sam Benson, a native New Yorker, is brash, opinionated and candid. Transplanted to work on Earth’s first colonized planet, he envisions a relatively peaceful job. But Benson’s ruthless nature might bring it to the brink of annihilation when a series of murders begins. He suspects a non-human is responsible—an android who once shared engrams with a psychopathic human. However, the detective doesn’t know other non-humans once called his new world—theirs. And as Benson obsesses with making a case against the android, he is oblivious to their return and the reason why they consider machines to be their gods.

Friday Five
1 – The novel Gods of the Machines is actually a spin off or sequel to a novel called What are you Made of? Published in 2006, written in 2004 and 2005 as my first ever novel. The new story takes place four years later. It seems (whether by chance or coincidence) God of the Machines published in 2010 – four years after the first novel – actually allows a four year gap to take place not only in the fictional universe but in our reality as well.

2 – I recall my main character Sam Benson as a minor character in my first novel. He was part of a sub plot actually. I wonder if he appreciates that I made him the protagonist. Probably not, knowing his brash behavior, Sam would probably whine about why he wasn’t the main character before.

3 – The bug named Ruby which is also quite a minor character in - What are you Made of? - will have his day in Gods of the Machines. Ruby has no dialogue in either books but still manages to ‘say’ a lot if humans would only listen.

4 – Since my novel is about artificial intelligence I am always charged up to find another article about a robot scouring the depths of a pyramid or learn that ‘droid’ has become the name of a phone operating system. I also am quite enamored with a liquor ad currently displayed on billboards – although I don’t drink. It portrays a young teen female ‘bot ready to mix tech with pleasure. I think these are all signs to come of artificial intelligence.

5 – I have to admit and give a tip of the cap to Isaac Asimov. He is probably the main reason why this novel was created. I hope I have done AI’s justice in this book and that Asimov would have approved of my quest to give them civil rights.

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About Gary Starta

Gary Starta is a former journalist who studied English and Journalism at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

His love for science fiction compelled him to write his first novel ‘What Are You Made Of?’ published in 2006. Inspired by Isaac Asimov, the science fiction novel focuses on intelligent artificial life and whether sentient androids should possess the same rights as humans. The androids in Starta’s novel are created as hybrids – part machine, part human – further blurring the line between human and machine. Starta foresees a near future where humans will be forced to decide if intelligent machinery is indeed a life form. Possibly, in this near future, some humans will possess computer enhancements to overcome disabilities becoming hybrids themselves. The line between biological life form and mechanical life form will continue to be examined in a follow up novel now being written.

Starta cites Stephen King and Dean Koontz as inspirations for his 2007 novel ‘Blood Web’ which is also reminiscent of the The X-files television/movie series. Contemporary authors Laurell K. Hamilton, Rachel Caine, Jim Butcher and Kelly Armstrong also fuel his aspiration to create paranormal suspense. The follow up novel to ‘Blood Web’ – ‘Extreme Liquidation’ explores Caitlin Diggs’ supernatural gifts including the ability to see the future in dreams and to read a person’s character through emotions.

Starta’s crime novella ‘Murder By Association’ blends mystery with forensic investigation. It is a departure from previous books because it contains no science fiction or paranormal elements. Additionally, Starta foresees his 2008 novella ‘Alzabreah’s Garden’ – a fantasy romance - as another out-of-the-box effort.

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