Friday, April 5, 2013

Christine Marmoy Announces Self-Help Book Success in High Heels 30 Day Diet Feast to Success

Christine Marmoy, founder of The Women’s Edge Magazine, a publication designed by women for women and multi-published author announces the April, 2013 release of the women’s self-help book, Success in {High Heels} 30 Day Diet Feast toSuccess. 

Along with her co-authors, today’s brightest stars in women’s leadership roles, SUCCESS IN {HIGH HEELS} 30 Day Diet Feast to Success offers great ideas and sound advice from today’s most accomplished women. Each chapter is a lesson, 30 in all, and each lesson will teach you an important point in business or your life. By combining traditional advice, transformational ideas that embrace beauty, brains, wisdom and practices, this 30-day feast to success will help all women reach a place they call success.  

Success in {High} Heels 30 Day Diet Feast to Success brings together a variety of successful women who empower all women with their essays to realize that they can pursue their dreams. The essays cover topics from dressing for success, taking the t out of can’t, transforming your hobby into a way of life, branding with beauty and more. According to Marmoy, the power that lies within women is a personal path through change and embracing situations will help them get out of their own way and rise to success. Marmoy drives home the point of success, that there are no borders to a woman’s power.  

It never crossed Marmoy’s mind that she wouldn’t be able to pull together 30 of the most inspirational women on the planet. She personally hand-picked all the women with the criteria that each one had to have a vision for the world and each one had to be working with women. She states they had to be professional and fun and they were all amazing. 

Marmoy’s background is the perfect backdrop to be an inspiration to other women. She thrives to lead a global movement – a movement to inspire and empower women to collaborate in innovative ways to stand out from the crowd, and profit from their unique brilliance in the international marketplace. According to Marmoy, Success in {High} Heels is the true testimony to what one women can achieve when they understand that being a woman is her greatest asset in life and in business. 

All Authors in Chapter Order
Sue Donnelly * Bunny Star * Kelly Falardeau * Anna D. Garrett * Angelika Christie * Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo * Noni Boon * Lillian Ogbogoh * Angelas Raspass * Lisa Rehurek * Shawn Driscoll * Aime Hutton * Jasmin Christensen * Toni  Coleman Brown * Monique Alamedine * Kim Boudreau Smith * Catrice M. Jackson * Nancy Meadows * Miki Strong * Patty Farmer * Ava Diamond * Lisa Rothstein * Margo DeGange * Kathleen Hanagan * Kuumba Nia * Kat Mikic * Katrin Faensen * Terry Wildermann * Ana Lucia Novak * Christine Marmoy 

Success in High Heels compiled by Christine Marmoy
Publisher: Marketing for Coach, Ltd
Self-Help Paperback, USD $18.95, GBP 14.00, CAD 19.50, EUR 16.00, AUD 19.00
ISBN: 978-0-9575561-0-2


  1. Thank you for the wonderful review on our book 'Success in High Heels'. Love to all... Noni Boon

  2. This is an outstanding review for our book Rebbecca, birthing this book was an absolute joy!

  3. Thanks for the fabulous review and spotlight on our book, we appreciate your love and support!

  4. What a beautiful representation of our work and of Christine's vision for women with this book. Thank you for sharing it with others.

    The project has been a true sisterhood, with support and effort shared by each woman in the group. We had a lot of fun, and put our hearts into the book, and it paid off as an international book on the best seller list!

    Thanks again for your kind words!
    Margo DeGange

  5. Christine's cover goes perfectly with your cute blog design!


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