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Lessons Learned on the Way to Top: A Q&A with John O’Neil author of Kafira

Kafira by John O'Neil

John O’Neil is the author of the action/adventure novel, Kafira. Writing Daze caught up with John recently and asked him some questions about his book. Find out he weaves a story of moon landings, bio-chemical warfare and the search for a cure in this action/adventure novel.

About Kafira
"In 1981, Kim Il Sung, supreme leader of North Korea, announces he has landed rockets on the moon, claiming the moon for North Korea to the exclusion of every other nation on earth. His claim is not without credence, as Il Sung threatens to unleash a deadly virus if his demands are not met. Shin Min Shu is the ingenious North Korean biomedical scientist who has been forced to develop this virus.

Kafira Weiss is an Israeli biomedical scientist whose passionate life purpose is to find cures for deadly diseases. This new development with North Korea has her angry but also afraid for the people she loves, and soon, because of her expertise, she becomes personally involved. The CIA believes the United States is being threatened; however, they need proof. How can they be sure of Il Sung’s claims?

Kafira will be part of a team sent to the space. She will become the first woman to land on the surface of the moon. With trepidation, she agrees to the mission, but wonders, what will she do if Il Jong’s declarations are true? What if Min Shu’s virus is real and able to infect the earth with a deadly disease? Will Kafira be brilliant enough to find a cure in time, or will one man’s greed lead to the end of human life in the universe?"

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Welcome to Writing Daze, John
Thank you Rebecca, it is indeed a pleasure to be able to talk to you. 

Q: Who or what motivated you to write the book?

Last Xmas in Australia, there was discussion around the table about the Moon Landings in the ‘70’s. I then realized that a woman had never walked on the Moon. All of the Apollo astronauts were men. At the time I thought that the issue would probably make a good book.  I looked up the issue on Google and found that indeed no woman had ever walked on the Moon. I was then inspired.
Q: What types of books do you read and how have they influenced your writing?

I normally read Action /Adventure books because I have always admired the way in which authors used words to describe emotion and environment. I am an Engineer and as such assumed a skeptical view of my own imagination being able to describe emotion and environment in such a way that it would be interesting to others. I have written many thesis and lengthy reports, which I regarded as a chore. The prospect of me voluntarily writing a book was absurd!

Q: Are there any specific things in your past which influenced “Kafira”?

There are two themes in Kafira. One is the fact that North Korea is a closed society and in the period of my writing the book, was led by Kim Il Sung. The desire by him to take over the Moon for North Korea was one of his more fanatical schemes. The second is the dedication of a young woman to pursue a cure for an Hemorrhagic virus that is probably the most deadly virus on Earth. In the past I have witnessed the atrocities perpetrated by the North Korean regime. I remember the announcement of the devastating effects of the Ebola virus in 1976.

Q: What have you learned about the writing or publishing process and how has it helped you as a writer? 

The writing researching and polishing I enjoyed.  The publishing process for my book which is an eBook was a new experience for me.  So far it seems to have been the correct decision. 

Q:  Describe your book in Five words or Less?

A story of tragedy and triumph.

Q: What makes your main character impatient or angry? Kafira is not impatient or angry! 

She is frustrated and stressed that she cannot find a cure for the Ebola virus, yet it seems as if the North Koreans have. 

Q: Now that Kafira has been published do you another book in the wings?

Yes. I am writing my second Book with the working title of “The Two Crowns.” This is a story of the Crown of Thorns that was jammed on the Lord Jesus Christ’s head at his crucifixion. My story will assert that the Crown of Thorns in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, is a fake  

Q: Have you ever met any famous authors?  If so, how did you react?  If not, who would you want to meet?

I haven’t met any famous authors. I would have liked to have met Bryce Courtney. Unfortunately he died last week.

Q: Do you have any hidden talents?

I play the Guitar-badly, and I try to sing!

Q: What are three things that your fans would be surprised to find out about you?

I have been awarded the Order of Australia for my contribution to the Community.
I like growing Bonsai plants, but I am not very good at it
I have met the Queen Elizabeth the Queen of England at a Tea Party.

 About the Author
John O’Neil is an ex-Royal Australian Navy commander, who served most of his navel career as a submarine engineering specialist. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2009 for his work in the community, and he holds a master’s degree in business and technology. O’Neil now works for a government department and lives in Canberra with his wife, Beverley. 

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