Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sunshine, Snow and Sandy

Roses in bloom 
Today, a friend of mine who lives in Massachusetts said she was receiving snow flurries. I wonder what that's like?  Living in sunny Southern California bring us lots of sunshine.  In fact, so much that I wish we could bottle it and sell it.  Isn't that like a writer to always be looking for ways to make passive income. Well, maybe, I should invest in solar panels and bottle the sunshine that way and not have to pay the electric bill.

Tending to the plants in the morning hours, I marveled at the roses blooming in November. For so much of the summer they withered on the vine because it was too hot. This will be their last bloom and then in December they will be cut back to hibernate until Spring. The temperatures will remain in the 70's today with rain predicted for Thursday and/or Friday. With all this beautiful sunshine it makes me think of all those still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and want to send some sunshine their way.

Whatever, your weather today, whatever your problems and issues you are dealing with think of the less fortunate and it might make your path a little easier today.

Happy Writing!

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