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Lessons Learned on the Way to Top: A Q&A with Michelle Moore Author of 30 Hours of Hope

30 Hours of Hope
Michelle Moore is the author of 30 Hours of Hope, a story that deals with death and takes an inspirational look inside the end of life conversations. Writing Daze caught up with Michelle recently to find out how she weaves a story that connects two relative strangers who connect through an unexpected email.  

30 Hours of Hope deals with death through a powerful, candid, raw and inspirational look inside the end of life conversations of two relative strangers who connect through an unexpected email. Their fortuitous journey challenges readers to fully engage in life because it is finite. 

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Welcome to Writing Daze Michelle,

Hello Rebecca, Thank you.

Q: Who or what motivated you to write the book?

Hope motivated me to write this book. We were complete strangers whose lives intersected to give the other what she desperately needed. I’m a healthy, busy mother of two from Ohio. Hope was a mother of two with end-stage Ovarian cancer from a small town of less than 300. She saw me on a TV reality show while she was in the hospital recovering from a painful chemo treatment. As she was watching, she felt I lifted her from her darkness. I “left fingerprints on her heart” as she put it. So, she wrote me a beautiful letter to let me know and, as her dying wish, had her mother track me down through the Internet to send it to me. When her mother found me, it began a 30-hour connection between Hope and I that forever changed my life. During that point in my life, I desperately needed a miracle. I needed confirmation that what I believed was very real. That we even connected and the powerful lessons I learned was that miracle and confirmation. I wrote “30 Hours of Hope” to share this message with people who need to know God is still very much in the miracle business today.

Q: What types of books do you read and how have they influenced your writing?

I mainly read non-fiction books. I’m interested in how things work -- whether it’s the universe, human mind, body or our connections to each other. This influences my expression of thought which hopefully permeates my writing.

Q: Your bio states that you are a community activist. What types of community activism have you been a part of?

I enjoy working with young girls –helping them achieve self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-reliance. I developed Girl Power ( which is a 6-week class I teach in schools. Throughout Girl Power, targeted to grades 5-8, I introduce girls to the tools they’ll need lifelong to work to be the best version of themselves. I also work with Project Blues ( ), a nonprofit using the platform of Blues music to raise money to help people who are impacted by cancer but who do not have the financial resources to deal with it. And, I work with Lawrence Funderburke Youth Organization ( ) promoting financial literacy and life skills for middle and high school students.

Q: This is one of the reviews on Amazon from Glitter Girl. Just how did you feel after reading this, knowing that you characters connected with readers?

By page 2, I was crying, by page 4, I needed more, by page 6, I was fixed! I had to finish the whole thing in one sitting. This book touches your soul. Amazing that a short story can leave you feeling so attached to the characters. It will make you realize how much each of us our connected and that even a stranger can touch your life. 

“30 Hours of Hope” includes private emails and phone conversations that are so powerful between two complete strangers. No one ever would have known about them except that I published this book. I am so awed by the fact that this miracle I experienced is impacting other people – and people around the world. I love that people -- beyond just me – can know about this amazing woman and the powerful lessons I learned from her. I feel honored to be the record of her incredible life to those who she’ll never cross paths with.

Q: What have you learned about the writing or publishing process and how has it helped you as a writer?

Writers write. The best advice I ever heard was from an author in Writer’s Digest who said “write through the bullets” meaning just write. World War III could be going on behind you and you’ll never finish your book or make your deadline if you stop to attend to it. In publishing this book, I did that. I wrote. And, in doing so, I accomplished a dream I’ve had since I was a child. Writing though the bullets was the only way I managed to accomplish that.

Q: Describe your book in Five words or Less?

Miracles still do happen today.

Q: Now that 30 Hours of Hope has been published, do you have another book in the wings?

I do. I have several children’s books I’ve written and am editing first drafts. Plus, I’m working on turning “30 Hours of Hope” into a short film with a director who read it.

Q: Have you ever met any famous authors? If so, how did you react? If not, who would you want to meet?

I’m in awe of anyone who writes and publishes a book. I have learned that everyone, no matter how great the world thinks they are, is insecure about how their work will be accepted. So, famous or not, the playing field is leveled in this way. With that said, I’ve worked with many non-famous published writers. To me, they are heroes simply because they did it. Choosing to write is a risky endeavor. In terms of famous writers, I’d love to meet Elizabeth Gilbert. I love her voice. I love her power to connect to her reader so vividly. I really felt I lived her journey as I was reading Eat, Pray, Love. It takes an amazing talent to do that because it’s not easy. She’s brilliant.

Q: Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m an actress.

Q: What are three things that your fans would be surprised to find out about you?

I have overcome many challenges. It took me until 39 to find the love of my life. At 42, I was crowned the very first America’s Perfect Woman.

About Michelle Moore

Author Bio: Michelle Moore is a writer, public relations specialist, model, actress, pageant title holder, community activist and mother of two. She and her family live in Columbus, Ohio. 

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