Friday, November 9, 2012

College Students Can Overcame Writer’s Block in Three Easy Steps

Numerous articles and books are written on the subject of Writer’s Block; how to get over it, get through it and get back to writing. Writer’s block is sometimes only a state of mind and when we figure out where it’s coming from, we can easily make changes. Each semester, professors expect you to write critiques, essays and research papers. Whether you suffer from self-doubt, not being able to set deadlines or those power study sessions you can easily find yourself with writer’s block.

Let’s take a look at how these three easy steps can help you overcome it and finish that writing assignment.
Self-Doubt - I can’t write this. I don’t what to say or how to say it. Sound familiar? Self-doubt tends to creep in when you are tired, hungry, or bored. To quiet that little nagging voice don’t write when you are tired or hungry as you will not be able to focus. Looking out the same window at the same view gets to be monotonous after awhile. If you can change your surroundings, the ideas will flow a little better. Having a laptop will also allow you some freedom of movement. Walking is the easiest way to clear your mind. Your body will naturally reward you by feeling good and this refreshed attitude is sure to quiet the voice of self-doubt.
Deadlines - The best way to avoid writer’s block is to have deadlines. Everyone thinks that college students have the freedom to relax and enjoy their day, while studying on the side. However, with all the assignments that professors require, it can really be overwhelming to get it all done. By creating a daily to do list and making every effort to stick to it, you will find you will find that your mind stays focused on the writing.
Limit Your Writing Sessions -  Writing can quickly become a chore when you expect your brain to churn out good material for an entire eight hour writing session. To avoid mental fatigue and hearing from that nagging voice of self-doubt take small breaks and reward yourself for things you accomplish. Write your paper in small chunks and start writing from the minute you receive an assignment so you know what to expect from yourself.
Writer’s block is not a four-year plague that affects university students. By following these three simple steps, you can overcome it. You can turn these three steps into good writing habits and no longer feel that writer’s block is a threatening presence in your school life. Happy Writing!

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