Friday, July 27, 2012

Viper’s Tail by Tom Crowley


Tek Chance, an ex US Army Ranger living in Bangkok, finds himself drafted into the middle of a deadly plot involving right wing Japanese fanatics intent on punishing China for grievances going back to the end of WW II and the loss of Japan’s preeminent position of global power. What he unravels in not only a threat to China but to the world.

About the Author
Tom Crowley served as a soldier in the Vietnam War where he was wounded, and decorated for his service. During his tour of duty he developed a deep connection with Asia. When he returned to the U.S.A. he joined the protests against the war. After years of working in various Asian countries he ended up in Bangkok working for an NGO that helps street children and adults who are HIV positive. In his spare time he shoots pool. 

He is also the author of “Bangkok Pool Blues”, a non fiction look at the counter culture of the pool world in Bangkok. 

About Metta Visions
Metta Visions is an independent publisher of art books and fiction in electronic and limited edition print forms. We work closely with our writers, poets and artist so that the final creation is as close as possible to their original vision.

We hope you enjoy everything we have on offer in the spirit of Metta.

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