Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great Careers for Writers

Writing is a great way to express your ideas to a wide audience. The written word can be a source of inspiration and has the power to inform and educate. Perhaps you enjoy writing but aren’t sure if this can be developed into a worthwhile career. A degree in professional writing can prepare you for some great jobs. Below are some exciting career paths for writers that you may want to explore. Although strong writing skills are essential for each category, additional skills may be required in each case:
  • Communications Manager – If you enjoy presenting information to others, this is a good professional writing role. In most cases, communications managers act as a vital link between a company or organization and the public. They must ensure that the written content appearing in the company newsletter, website, or other informational material is accurate and relevant to company goals. Communications managers must continually update content and the way it is managed to the public.
  • Editor – Good writing must be clearly expressive as well as free of grammatical and style errors. Whether the written word is contained in books, magazines, newspapers, or online format, it must be edited to ensure that the final content is well presented. This is where editors come in. Editors also render their services in news agencies, radio, and television stations. Professional editors apply their skills to ensure that written content is well presented to an audience. They must weed out redundant words, correct grammar, and restructure sentences to enhance the message being relayed. Editors must proofread written content to ensure that it flows smoothly. A strong grasp of English is required for good editing. One must also be meticulous and detail oriented as this enhances efficiency when engaging with text.
  • Entertainment Writer – You may wish to build a profile as an accomplished author, critic, or playwright. If you enjoy poetry, writing compelling poems can help you build a reputation as a great poet. Screenwriting and scriptwriting are good options for individuals keen on writing for the film industry. Blogs on creative writing offer several good ideas if you wish to develop your writing career in the entertainment industry.
  • Freelance Writer – With the Internet being as popular as it is proliferation of websites is the trend. Many writers earn a living by writing content for various websites. This requires excellent command of English and good editing skills. Strong research skills are also vital if you’re to produce relevant content. The beauty of freelance writing is that it allows you to learn about new topics and continually exposes you to new ideas as you write.
  • Translator – Yet another possibility for individuals exploring careers in writing is translating. With the great diversity in culture and language that exists in the world, translating content from one language to another is often required. Students taking a degree program in professional writing may opt to specialize in translation. This requires mastery of other languages, besides English, which is considered as a universal language. Popular languages that are usually offered to students interested in learning foreign languages include French, German, Italian, and Spanish. However, you may choose to learn just about any language, depending on your goals and interests.

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