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Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life - Author Interview - Lisa Labon

Lisa Merrai Labon is a passionate advocate for healing Earth and local communities. As a writer, Lisa has invited her readers to embrace their own lives with conscious intention, exploring community values, health, education and spiritual connections.  Lisa contributed "Take A Family Sabbatical" to Hampton Roads forthcoming book "Pearls of Wisdom:  30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life," featuring best-selling author Jack Canfield.  
She lives with her family in Park City, Utah.  Lisa just finished her first novel.

Q:        How did you get into this collection of inspiration with folks like Jack Canfield?
I heard about it from Renee Baribeau, a dear friend and fellow author.  She knew that we had done some radical things as a family and that I am a huge life transformation advocate.  I was thrilled to have my chapter selected as one of the 25 new authors.

Q:        What is your chapter about?
I wrote about how taking a family sabbatical can change your life in surprising and meaningful ways

Q:        What do you think makes this book unique and who would want to read it?
I have only read 3 chapters so far so I can only guess at the overall brilliance and experience captured by the publisher with this group of passionate writers, thinkers and doers.  I know that many people are looking for inspiration and catalytic ideas to get on track pursuing their life purpose.  I suspect this book will offer that for those who find it.

Q:      What kind of wisdom do you have to offer the reader?
I offer my own experience jumping off the hamster wheel of modern life to reflect, rediscover and renew our values as a family.  As a mother to four children, I know what it's like to uproot and parent from the earliest years to the teen years; I have lived to tell about it.  I am also a wife and a friend to many who are actively seeking meaning and purpose and I know how hard it is to navigate the many roles and responsibilities we all juggle.

Q:        The publisher promises that the authors such as yourself are “up and coming” leaders in self-help.  How does the publisher know this and what is your expertise in “self-help”?
Innovators, catalysts and cultural creatives are often leading the fray.  I fearless fly into the realm of "what if" on a regular basis and love to write about my discoveries.  I began writing about our family adventures and travel several years ago.  Inevitably, my thoughts and words were entwined with health, the environment, food, social issues and finding meaning in all our relationships.  Living a life on purpose, with purpose, is inherently holistic and complex.  I've been told that I inspire others with my courage and honesty.    I am delighted to explore and share what I find along the way.

Q:        Most people know about Jack Canfield from the Chicken Soup books and Marci Shimoff from her Happy book … How would you like your readers to think of you?  What is your “signature niche”?
I am a spirit writer.  I write about the urges of the soul.  Mine, ours and yours.  Each soul has a mission or purpose.  Of this, I am certain.  Whether I write an article or poem about tangible reality or a fiction novel tracing the silhouette of possibility, I am always singing the soul's song.

Q:        We often hear that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – how does that proverb apply to the 30 authors in this book?
From what I've read so far, each author is innately tapped in to the energy of unity, passion and compassion.  Each of us has a chorus line in a wave of awareness cresting modern shores.  Surely each of our pearls offers the reader a selection of inspirations to move from thought to action in their own lives.

Q:        What is your most central and compelling “pearl of wisdom”?
When you are unsure where to go, just get up and move.  Movement is energizing and catalyzing.  Ideas flow.  Life shifts.  Dreams unfold.  Even if you have no idea where you are going, if you've been stuck, it's one of the best ways to get unstuck.

Q:      How can our readers/listeners find you?
I am launching a new website soon -  It's not up yet so depending on when this information is released, the best place to find ALL my various blogs and social media outlets is .  I hope to have my new website ready to go by April 1st.

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