Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Write an Excellent Essay

Guest post

 Have you ever written an essay that you thought was really some of your best work-- definitely A+ material? You are actually excited to get to class, to turn in this piece of work that you spent so much time on, researching supporting details, carefully selecting your words, crafting a thesis that seems like, well, pure genius! And then comes the day when the papers have been graded and they are being returned... You stroll into class with a smug smile, totally relaxed compared to your nervous, nail biting classmates who probably slacked off and wrote their papers last minute and are now worrying about the effect that this might have on their grade. Then comes the moment of truth... Your name has been called and you saunter up to get your paper from your professor. But as you casually glance at what you have already determined will be a high mark you can text home about, you see something you did not expect! Your predicted A is actually a C (or in some even worse cases maybe a D or heaven forbid, an F!). What could have possibly gone wrong? The teacher must have some secret vendetta against you! What could he or she possibly have been looking for that was not included in your paper? 

If you have ever been in this situation, there was a very simple solution right under your nose! Don't ever be caught unawares again! There are websites out there that provide you with sample essays and assignments on almost any subject imaginable! The best part is these essays have been marked by teachers, highly qualified, top level teachers. The essays are annotated with teacher comments on where the essay's strength are, and where and why it may have lost points. This is an invaluable reference because it gives you sneak peak into the mind of the people who will be grading your work. You can come away from reading samples like this with clear ideas one how to effectively formulate your arguments, and be able to steer clear of the common pitfalls that many students have befell before you. It is like having your own personal essay writing guide at the touch of a button. The best way to learn if from others' mistakes and successes, so stop taking chances and take a look at behind the scenes at what makes a paper A+ material.

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