Sunday, April 15, 2012

College Education

By Rebecca Camarena
One can never go wrong with obtaining a college education. It used to be that getting a job that guaranteed job security and a gold watch after 30 years was the way to go. Those jobs are part of a different era and in today’s economy, one need to be competitive in the marketplace. It is becoming more important than ever to obtain some type of college education, whether that would be a full bachelor’s master’s or even certificates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the Employment Projects Report for March, 2012, it states that education pays in higher earnings and lower unemployment rates.  

Colleges are becoming more diverse in the courses they offer, the times and days offered and a many of them are now offering online classes. How does one select a college to attend? It all depends on a student’s number one goal of education and a specific field of interest. Sometimes, a student will pick a college based on state location, climate, reputation of the school or where there friends will be going. 

When I worked in the insurance industry one of my co-workers grew up in California, but the summer following high school graduation she packed her bags and headed for Florida to attend one of the many colleges in Miami Florida.  Other students she said were going to Maine, Texas, Oregon and staying locally in California. No one else in her graduating class had plans to go to Florida. She would be all by herself at the college, but it was something that she was looking forward to because she wanted to live close to Disney World. She loved going to Disneyland from the time she was a little girl. During summer vacations, her parents took her to Disney World and that sold her on the idea of getting her college education in Florida. It also helped that her parents worked for Disney and would be visiting her regularly.  

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