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Book Excerpt - Alexander Drake’s Extraordinary Pursuit

Join Elizabeth Parkinson-Bellows, author of the Middle Grade fantasy novel, Alexander Drake’s Extraordinary Pursuit (Wild Child Publishing), as she virtually tours the blogosphere April 2 – April 20,2012 on her second virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Alexander Drake’s Extraordinary Pursuit
Alexander Drake is not a typical “story book” hero. He’s awkward, insecure and introverted. His struggle to make friends has made him a bit of a loner. He is terribly fearful of not living up to his conservative father’s expectations of him, and always puts forth every effort to make him proud. At the same time, Alexander is a curious and wildly imaginative boy, who constantly craves adventure.

Up to this point, Alexander led a very sheltered life. He was raised solely by his father, a reserved distinguished gentleman with a rarely exposed soft side. His mother died when he was baby, and he has no memory of her. Many secrets of his family’s extraordinary past were intentionally kept from him; which has sparked his curious nature even more.

Alexander wants nothing more than to know where he came from; more specifically, his mother. The opportunity finally presents itself during a stay at his grandmother’s cottage deep in the forest. His father’s childhood bedroom contained some interesting clues and a special key that set Alexander on a journey that would change his life forever.

Azra’s Pith is a child’s imagination brought to life. Enchanted spells roam the forest where Julien, a peaceful Empyrean wizard lives. A deep river flows through the realm containing run off from the snowy mountains looming in the distance.

That is where an element of unspeakable evil dwells unsettled – a sorcerer named Imperius. It is feared by all who inhabit the realm. Alexander is oblivious of his own significance in Azra’s Pith. He is a threat to Imperius’s powers and its plans to control the realm, and therefore must be destroyed.

Alexander was being hunted by dark spells and vicious creatures every step of the way, but he was determined to complete his journey. His destination held the answers he longed for; and a surprise that was beyond his wildest dreams.

Book Excerpt
Dangling Over the Edge       
   Alexander dangled over the precipice listening to rocks hit the ground far below.
His hands trembled as he clenched the rigid lip of the cliff. Bit by bit his fingers slipped over loose gravel until only the tips remained exposed on the surface. 
Something cold and damp squished up against his fingers. Alexander was being sniffed.
“Help me—please!” he gasped. “I can’t hold on much longer.”
“One might say that my timing is nothing short of miraculous,” a deep and clever sounding voice came from the surface above.  
Alexander strained to look up at his fingers.
Just over the edge was a black nose with a drip hanging in a taunting manner off the tip, and a pair of dark, hollow eyes peering down at him. It was a wolf with matted ashy gray fur, and a bleak disposition. 
“What do you think?” the wolf asked.
“Um, if you help me up I will certainly have an answer for you… Mr. Wolf, sir.” Alexander gave the wolf a desperate half smile.
“My name is Cozmo,” said the wolf just before sinking his teeth into the arm of Alexander's Jacket.
 “Ouch—my arm…!”
Cozmo snarled and groaned as he tugged Alexander's lanky body up the cliff.  His hind legs slid over loose gravel drawing him to the edge. He almost released his grip.
Alexander braced his other arm around Cozmo’s neck and pulled his body to safety.
Cozmo let out a vicious growl and threw Alexander into a boulder.
They both sat breathless for a moment
“Thank you, Cozmo. You saved my life.”
Cozmo shook the dirt off his fur. He snarled and sniffed while looking Alexander up and down. “Do you think I did all that work for nothing?”
Alexander stumbled backwards. “Are you going to eat me?”
“Well, yes… of course I am. If you don’t run, it will make this much easier,” saliva dripped from the gaps in his teeth as he let out a sinister laugh and began his approach on Alexander.
“Wait—Cozmo…!” Alexander’s body trembled as he back pedaled right into a boulder. He was trapped. “Please—”
“Stop talking, boy. You’re only making this worse for yourself.” Cozmo dug his hind legs in the dirt and got ready to pounce.

About Elizabeth Parkinson-Bellows
Being the frizzy-haired tomboy with buck teeth gave Elizabeth Parkinson-Bellows a slight case of shyness as a kid. A colorful imagination meant escape and adventure at the drop of a hat.
Over the years she learned that the insecurities she carried around were a waste of time. Elizabeth still prefers a football game to a manicure any day of the week. That indispensable imagination has found its way into her writing providing a sense of joy and true purpose.
You can visit Elizabeth’s website at

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