Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seven reasons to read Voice, a novel by Joseph Garraty

1.     It’s scary! For some folks, that’ll be a reason not to read it. But for the rest of you, come on—you know you like a good scare.
2.     The main characters are, as one review put it, “strong characters who the reader can care for even when they aren’t on the best behavior.” And, being aspiring rock stars, they’re not often on their best behavior…
3.     It’s authentic. Maybe not the supernatural bits, but the behind-the-scenes look at a local rock band draws on experiences I’ve had over ten years of playing guitar in local bands. You can almost smell the spilled beer and feel the jolt as the water leaking from the venue’s crappy roof hits the guitar amplifier and zaps the heck out of you!
4.     It’s human. The characters face the kinds of choices we all face on a day-to-day basis, and they make good decisions and bad ones, just like the rest of us.
5.     There are lots of music references. If you’re into rock music, you’ll recognize tons of bands and inside jokes.
6.     It will keep you guessing. There are a few surprises scattered throughout that should turn your expectations on their collective ear, and the straightforward setup turns out not to be as simple as it seems.
7.     The end. The book builds to a pyrotechnic whiz-bang gut-wrenching climax that will have you flipping through pages at a breakneck pace to find out what happens. At least, that’s basically what my mom says, if not in quite so many words. She wouldn’t lie to you.

Joseph Garraty is an author of dark fantasy, horror, and science fiction. He has worked as a construction worker, rocket test engineer, environmental consultant, technical writer, and deadbeat musician. He lives in Dallas, Texas. 

His latest book is the horror novel, Voice.

You can visit his website at www.josephgarraty.com.

Connect with Joseph at Twitter at www.twitter.com/JosephGarraty.

Visit Joseph at his tour page at Pump Up Your Book!


  1. it seems like a haunting story.

    lovely review.

  2. post a book review at BB today any time...by Saturday,

    loved your work.


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