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Liberation: Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles

 Ever wonder what it's like in the day of an author?  Visit with Marica Lucia today and find out what it's like to be her for one day.
Liberation Virtual Book Tour

About Liberation: Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles 

Amora Madre is content in the Smokey Mountains pursuing her teaching of love, things of the spirit, and metaphysics. Her childhood invisible playmates, Casey and Nia, are always by her side. But, when soul mate Gabriel Ephraim enters her life, she is drawn into the heart of a terrible encounter with the spirit world in the skies over Washington D.C.  Catapulted into service for the Intergalactic Supernatural Intelligence Agency, ISIA, the kindred lovers soon discover the existence of an invisible wickedness over the city, its galactic origins, and its evil designs for national and world events.

As part of an Andrusian galactic strike force, assembled to dismantle the malevolent legion’s brutal matrix, Amora and Gabriel, seasoned and accomplished, embark on a dangerous adventure filled with Onaweyans, Scorpillians, historical figures, and a confrontation with the dark supernatural syndicate over the fate of the United States and the earth.
With journeys into galactic and dimensional worlds, interactions with fantastic characters and creatures, and revelation of the current struggle between the spiritual forces of good and evil, LIBERATION draws the reader into a world where the spiritual dimensions and reality converge.  

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Guest Post

Q:   What is a typical writing day for you?  Tell us about a day in the life of you the writer, what’s your writing day like. Do you balance family and writing, or writing and a job outside the house, or writing, a job and family? What was it like for you to write this book along with your busy life? 

Author Maria Lucia
I have found that I have many sides to me that have to be express in order for me to be happy. I have the part of me that has to have physical exercise and good nourishment as part of my daily diet. So, I wake up very early here in Arizona where in the summers it can be 115 by early afternoon! Usually it’s about 5:30am when I’m having my cup of coffee and getting ready for my hour long power walk with my new greyhound puppy. We keep up with each other really well and go out into the world together first thing. After a protein drink and light breakfast I answer the many e-mails that come in for any writer who is involved in or launching a new or revised title. 

For example, there is the publicist to keep in contact with, the book stores that you will be visiting, the places where you might speak and of course your web mistress who has to keep everything up to date. This writer’s life is filled with many avenues that usually surround an author who is serious about getting her work out into the world. All of this usually comes before I sit down to write.

Then there is the spiritual side of me. Even though I don’t consider myself religious in any way I’m a deeply spiritual person and so becoming still and quiet usually comes next as a preparation for the writing. I sit on my couch and still my thoughts and my energies and I get in touch with what is most important in the flow of the book. I can “feel” the path the story wants to follow when I get into this still place. I can feel it in my heart. It is like seeing the field, finding your authentic story, like in the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance. You see the way it’s supposed to go, that’s how I start the flow. 

The rest of the day centers on removing distractions from my path until I ground the pieces of the story as I felt them. It is truly a challenge many times, but when I do get it down it is a high, that is overwhelming as an artist or creator. It is truly rewarding at this point to find that I am better company for my beloved or my friends when I’ve connected with my work in this way.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful presentation Rebecca. The site looks great!
    Maria Lucia


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