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Friday Five - Five Fun Things That Happened While Writing Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down by Dangerous Lee

About Dangerous Lee

Dangerous Lee, HIV Prevention Specialist and Author of Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down – Six Erotic Tales of Safe Sex, is a brand with various projects in the fields of activism, writing, acting, painting, and internet radio. She lives in Burton, Michigan with her daughter and two pet rats!
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Five Fun Things That Happened While Writing Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down
1. I had a ball during the photo shoot for the cover and back images of my book. I worked with a professional make up artist, stylist, and of course a wonderful photographer. During the shoot I began to really feel “official”.

2.  During the editing process I found some of my writing to be very boring, so I had a good time spicing up the storyline and coming up with things that would shock and entertain readers.

3. I used Twitter to give exclusive snippets of my book before it was complete to create hype and interest in the final product. It worked! People wanted more!

4. I shared some very rough drafts of the stories from my book with a couple of fellow authors as well as HIV activist, Hydeia Broadbent. Their feedback helped me to improve the stories and gave me the extra push I needed to complete the publishing process. Their reviews also helped to validate my work.

5. I stopped recording my weekly live internet radio show, Ask Dangerous Lee Live, on the Blog Talk Radio network to solely focus on my writing and I do not regret it, though I am constantly asked if and when I will be returning to radio.

Read the Excerpt

from "Self Love and Pain"

I am in love with myself. That’s right; I turn my damn self on. As I stand here in my black lace bra and panties I am turned on by my full-figured image. I love my body. I’ve had this love affair before, but now it’s permanent.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend died of AIDS. I am HIV negative.
We always had safe sex. I knew he had AIDS, and I also knew how to
protect myself. Winston was honest with me from the very beginning
and I made the decision aft er dating and getting to know him for three
months that I wanted to make love to him until the day AIDS took
his life.

Doesn’t sound romantic? That’s because you’re the type that
believes in fairy tales. Has a knight in shining armor ever tried to get
your phone number? Hell no! Real knights are usually in rusted armor
that require several cans of oil.

When I met Winston he appeared healthy as a race horse. Before
he got himself cleaned up and drug free he was an intravenous drug
user who shared needles with other IV drug users. By the time I met
him he was a very successful business man looking to make each
moment count.

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