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A Paranormal Thriller - The Final Victim by Larry Jukofsky - Giveway and Author's Inspiration

The Final Victim Virtual Book Tour
Writing Daze has the pleasure of welcoming a debut novelist at the young age of 86 with his paranormal thriller novel, The Final Victim.

About The Final Victim

A victim of the holocaust rises from the grave to seek vengeance. From the death camps of Poland to the steamy shores of South Carolina, the author guides you through a macabre vampire tale of murder, intrigue, and revenge in "The Final Victim"

"I was hooked on page two"

 I had the pleasure of reading this book and from the first two pages it kept me on the edge of my seat. The passage that   made me jump on page 2 was 

Rudy was horrified when a bolt of lightning seemed to strike the ground quiet close to his truck. It took considerable effort to hold the wheel firmly. Through the rear view mirror he could see no flames and concluded no damage had been done to his cargo. The dead guy in back wouldn’t mind a jolt or two anyhow, would he?  Thinking the better of his decision to continue driving in this downpour, he pulled over to the side of the highway.  It was when he turned off the motor that he realized he was not alone in the truck. He had a passenger seated alongside him.”

I didn’t stop reading after that and I hope now that I have teased you a bit, that after reading how the author got his inspiration that you will click on over to Paperback Writer, and leave a comment to enter the Giveaway of The Final Victim. It’s as easy as that.

Writer’s Inspiration - Where did you come up with your idea for book or novel? Was there a person that was your inspiration for this book/novel? Who would you like to thank for getting you where you are today?

I have been reading about the abundance of vampire subjects in modern literature. They are about the common interpretation of the beast as originated by Stoker. I thought there must be a way to use the idea but with a different blow to extermination of it. “What if it couldn’t be repelled by a crucifix or garlic et al?” So, it would have to be a non-Christian thing! That’s how I came up with the Jewish origin. I would have to have a different origin also for the vampire and the Holocaust came to mind at that moment. The means of repelling the creature was to be Jewish in origin at that point and what would be better and easier than that shawl? I thought of the six-pointed star of David, but that would be awkward in handling by characters.

I have been retired for several years now and bored to death by doing so. I thought that I should be able to write something though and sat down one day and gave it a try and The Final Victim was the result. I actually amazed myself because it didn’t turn out to be too unbelievable when I was done. My daughter, an amazing person, thought it not too bad and encouraged me. She was an honor graduate of Mount Holyoke and majored in creative writing and now is outstanding in her work with the Rainforest Alliance. My wife is also a writer, and has written a garden column for the local paper for the past twenty seven years and knows more about writing for public consumption than anyone else I know. With backing like that what could I do wrong?

Thanks for this interview Rebecca. Hope all your readers enjoy The Final Victim. Larry

Visit Larry at his tour page at Pump Up Your Book!

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  1. What an awesome excerpt!!! I want to keep reading!!!!!! This sounds like an amazing story, love the cover and commend you, Larry, for writing it!!!


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