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On the Blog: Giveaway and Interview with Jessamine Rose author of Don't Let the Secret Out

Don't Let the Secret Out Virtual Book Tour

About Don’t Let the Secret Out

In this special memoir, Jessamine Rose offers readers a glimpse into her life. She was born in 1937, in a small town in eastern Kentucky. For many her upbringing will seem foreign but for some it will sound all too familiar. The family's cabin was cold, the cracks in the floor made it impossible to heat. The bathroom was an outhouse. Her father often beat her mother. Her father shot her mother to scare her. At one point the family lived under a cliff. In the hills of eastern Kentucky "you could shoot a dog and spend a year in jail, shoot a man and nothing." She faced sexual abuse, beatings, neglect and yet rose above it all. She was a mere 6 years old the first time she was raped. Her mother gave away her young brother and sister. Jassamine made her escape in the back of an ice truck, she was less than 14. She ended up living in a park in Ohio. 

Her teen years weren’t much better suffering at the hands of authority. Her life finally changed for the better when she met the love of her life and life began anew.  Jessamine searches for her family and tries to reconcile her past memories with those who had wronged her. Jessamine faced many hardships in her life. Yet her memoir is upbeat, despite her childhood beginnings. 

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In your book you explain that your mother gave you responsibility of your youngest sister when she came home from the hospital. How old were you and why do you think your mother entrusted you with such responsibility at an early age?
I was 6 years old. My mommy didn't want any responsibility; we all were on our own. Mommy loved the men and a good time; there was no time for her children. I loved my mommy but there were no excuses for her actions. In eastern Kentucky up in the mountains there were no rules for raising the children.

Was this unusual for older children to be entrusted with the care of younger children?
I took care of Flucky and my brother Gene both younger then me.

Your sister’s name was Edna Cora, how did she get that name and how did you give her the name of Flukey?
I have no idea when mommy brought her home handed her to me I looked at her and said “hi little Flukey. From then on every one called her Flukey. Flukey, means happening by or depending on chance.

 Was it hard for you to take care of your sister?
I never thought about it, I did what I had to do. Most difficult was finding food for both Flukey and Gene. I asked neighbors for their leftovers.

How did you feel when unexpectedly your family was torn apart and Flukey went to live with other people?
I was heartbroken. My life was empty. Both Gene and Flukey were taken away. I just wandered around not knowing what to do.

I know part of your story is your search for your sister and we will let the reader discover your search and your results. Thank you for visiting Writing Daze during your book tour. I wish you all the best.  

Title: Don’t Let the Secret Out

ISBN:  ISBN: 0982930720



Publication Date: 11-16-10

# of Pages: 120

Link to book on Amazon (or where it is sold): 


  1. I would love to read this book.

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  2. What a wonderful review. This sounds like such a powerful and an amazing book. I would be honored to read it. Please enter me in the giveaway!



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