Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Inspiration from Donna McDine author of The Golden Pathway

Joining us on her virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book is chidren's author Donna McDine. We asked Donna the following questions;

Q: Where did you come up with your idea for book or novel? Was there a person that was your inspiration for this book/novel? Who would you like to thank for getting you where you are today? (this can even be yourself, but tell us how you got yourself to where you are today).

A: Initially, The Golden Pathway started out as a writing assignment for the Institute of Children’s Literature, but I never submitted it beyond my writing instructor. This particular manuscript kept calling to me to bring David’s and Jenkins’ story forth from my computer. After joining the Children’s Writers’ Coaching Club and garnering success in online ezine and print magazines I finally submitted the manuscript to Suzanne Lieurance for critique and with her encouragement I submitted it to the 77th Writer’s Digest Writing Competition and much to my delight it placed 12th in the Children’s/Young Adult category. Then after meeting Lynda Burch of Guardian Angel Publishing at the Muse Online Writers Conference and further editing by Lynda and Lea Schizas, The Golden Pathway saw the light and then to life with the illustrations by prolific artist, K.C. Snider.

My children, Nicole and Hayley, inspired me to write this historical fiction story book, since they are both visual learners.

My dedication in my book says it all, “To my wonderful supportive husband Tom and two beautiful daughters, Nicole and Hayley, thank you for your patience and support, especially when I hold my hand up for the hundredth time for one more second. And to my parents for their never ending unconditional love and support, without you I would not be who I am today.”

About Donna McDine

Donna McDine is an award-winning children's author, Honorable Mention in the 77th and two Honorable Mentions in the 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competitions. Donna’s stories and features have been published in many print and online publications and her interest in American History resulted in writing and publishing The Golden Pathway. Her second book, The Hockey Agony is under contract and will be published by Guardian Angel Publishing. She writes, moms and is the Publicist Intern for The National Writing for Children Center and Children’s Writers’ Coaching Club from her home in the historical hamlet Tappan, NY. McDine is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators and Musing Our Children.

About The Golden Pathway
Be transported through time to the Underground Railroad, where high-pitched screams echo each night. David’s cruel Pa always chooses the same victim. Despite the circumstances during slavery, David uncovers the courage to defy his Pa.
Raised in a hostile environment where abuse occurs daily, David attempts to break the mold and befriends the slave, Jenkins, owned by his Pa. Fighting against extraordinary times and beliefs, David leads Jenkins to freedom with no regard for his own safety and possible consequences dealt out by his Pa.

Where to Purchase:
Guardian Angel Publishing:


  1. Donna, I didn't know this story began as an ICL assignment. So many of us got our starts there! I hope you're enjoying your blog tour. :o)

  2. Thanks for hosting Donna today, Becky. This is a wonderful book and I hope your readers will check it out. A video trailer has been put together for the book, which can be found at

    Thanks again.


  3. Becky:

    It's a pleasure to be here today. Thank you for taking the time out to interview me. Your time and interest is appreciated.

    Ahhh, Beth and you thought you knew me!

    I'll be checking back in throughout the day.

    Best wishes,
    Children’s Author
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    The Golden Pathway Story book Blog
    Donna M. McDine’s Website
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  4. I, too, find this amazing how you took your ICL assignment and went on this incredible journey. And now your journey is beginning a whole new phase that your book is out. Congratulations, Donna!


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