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Susie Hobson, author of Loving God With All Your Heart - Manic Monday Guest Post

About Susie Hobson
Susie Hobson has a B.A. in Special Education and an M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Alabama. She worked as a Rehabilitation Counselor for the Alabama Dept. of Rehabilitation Services for sixteen years managing a deaf/hearing-impaired and blind/vision-impaired caseload. She retired to spend more time with her family and to write as God has called her. She and her husband Rich have two daughters. They live in Montgomery, Alabama. Christian Education classes at an online college should also be able to help you have a real and powerful connection with God.

About Loving God with All Your Heart
Loving God with All Your Heart is about having a real, action filled, and powerful relationship with God that overflows into great relationships with others. This book re-thinks what it takes to keep the Greatest Commandment and asks you personally to consider changing your everyday life to one more filled with love. God is love and when we love Him without limit that leads to the fulfillment of our heart’s desire—a relationship with the living God. A true two-way relationship—not church talk—a relationship that can transform your whole life! My book is available from and through my publisher, Nordskog Publishing


Monday—Manic Monday!

A typical day in my life (especially a Monday) is filled with a variety of activity. I like to get up bright and early, voluntarily! I found years ago that my prayer time/Bible time can and should be lengthy (and enjoyable) and it seems that getting up and meeting God before the break of day is the best time for me. I put on a pot of coffee and settle into my favorite spot in the den and just have that good focused time with The Lord, the creator of Heaven and Earth, what a privilege and a blessing. Before too long my family gets up and starts getting ready for school and work and I shift to the kitchen to make breakfast and lunches. We have a little time at the kitchen table to visit and touch base about our plans for the day.

After everyone gets going on their way I get ready for the day and do some chores around the house, some cooking and cleaning. I also do a bit more of what I call “intercessory prayer” (praying for all sorts of things God has put on my heart—those who are sick, problems, specific prayer requests from people, etc.) and then I do my daily Bible reading of reading the Bible through in a year (I read about 4 Old Testament chapters and 1 New). Now I’m prayed up, read up, and ready to get going with my writing. I like to work in my study on the computer. The study is a light-filled, book-filled room on the front corner of my house. It is a bit formal and traditional which I like. I usually start off with catching up on my e-mail correspondence first and checking on a few favorite web-sites. I catch a few calls from my children reporting in from college as they walk to classes (everything stops when they call!). Now at probably eleven o’clock I am ready to start writing!

I generally have my work cut out for me based on where I stopped the day before. I write with a “plan” in mind—I know where I’m headed that day and I’m going to just keep going in that direction until I either get finished or run out of time and start again the next day. Persistence and discipline seem to be key elements for me. But I also like what I’m doing and I’m truly interested in my material, so it is a very pleasant use of my time. For example, I’m just completing a recipe book that I wrote on my upbringing in a small town in south Alabama in the 60’s and 70’s. One foot in the old south and one in the new, put it together and you’ve got my book Make Okra Not War. I’m also concurrently working on a history book about a very interesting subject that has perhaps never been covered as extensively as I am digging into it and it is fascinating—a secret at this time! Ask me next year! I take a break for lunch and then work until about four pm.

Every Monday afternoon I meet with my friend Jeanne at the mall where we first walk a 2 mile lap and then sit and catch up for an hour or two over some iced tea. We also talk over prayer concerns and time willing have a prayer time before leaving. I can always call or text Jeanne over the next week in regard to a need for prayer and she does the same. I usually get home just in time for a late dinner with the family. A little visiting, maybe a little TV and then it is the end of a typical day in my life as a writer.

Thanks for spending a Monday with me! Thank you Writing Daze for your time and interest—I’ve enjoyed spending the day with you!

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  1. Thanks for hosting Susie today. I hope your readers will visit the publisher's website to find out more.



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