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Laugh About it Now - Fun Things That Happened During the Writing of the Novel, The Power of the Blue Medallion

About Les Berman

Raised in Southern California, Les Berman earned his bachelor degree in Sociology with a minor in Math from Long Beach State University, and a Masters in Education from Pepperdine University. Currently retired from the ABC Unified School District, Les also volunteers his time coaching young track and field athletes for a private club in Long Beach California. Les has coached many International and Olympic Athletes over the past forty years, and has been selected as a United States International Coach four times throughout his career.

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About The Power of the blue Medallion

This Captivating novel follows the wild adventures of three charismaticyoung aliens from the distant planet Hebutar, and their companion on Earth. Zytor, the son of the ruler of Hebutar, is determined to stop a group of terrorists from causing chaos in the United States. Against his father’s wishes, Zytor travels to Earth and meets a young girl, Tandy,whose father was killed by terrorists. Zytor’s sister Phelena, a Captain in the Hebutarian Military and a fellow soldier, are dispatched by her father to bring Zytor back to Hebutar before he mingles into the affairs of Planet Earth. While tracking down the terrorist, Zytor gets his medallion stolen (a powerful weapon), forcing him to team up with his sister and devise plans to retrieve the medallion, and help authorities stop the evil terrorists from executing a terrible attack in Washington D.C.

Writing Daze asked Les Berman to give us some fun things that happened to him during the writing of the novel, The Power of the Blue Medallion. This is what he had to say.

Shortly after going to bed, my mind wandering in a sleepy haze, I abruptly sat up in bed, scaring the hell out of my wife who was fast asleep. Unable to come up with a sequence to a chapter I just finished before going to bed, the vision of the next chapter just came to me all of a sudden. After my wife hit me with her pillow, I got out of bed and wrote a few lines down so I wouldn’t forget my thoughts in the morning. The next morning we both had a good laugh about the incident.

Spelling, not being my forte, always seemed to be an area of ridicule amongst my friends whom frequently reviewed my writings. After finishing the novel, we all had a good laugh about their recollection of some of their rude comments, as we quenched our thirst at our favorite tavern.
Refusing to read any part of the novel until it was completed, I took great pleasure in watching my wife’s’ occasional expression of amusement as she read the novel for the first time as we headed north to our favorite vacation spot, Lake Tahoe, in celebration of the finished product.

I took a lot of criticism in how I ended the novel in dealing with the terrorists. I finally gave into my friend’s opinion and change the last two chapters. After hearing my student’s review of the novel, I’m very glad I revised the ending.


Les Berman ends his virtual book tour today, but please stop by and leave comments at all his tour visits at Pump Up Your Book.

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