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Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Things About Liberation, Book One of the Andrusian Chronices

Liberation, Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles is completely tied into the current times and events. It connects our current draw to the paranormal with our love of the deep and mystical spaces of fantasy.
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1. The story was conceived here in Washington D.C. and contains within its pages historical events.

2. It ties in the world of spirit with the physical world.

3. It unveils a dark supernatural syndicate that has been affecting our events in the nation and the world.

4. Amora Madre is a metaphysical teacher and has her life pretty well together until her soul mate Gabriel arrives. She has two secret invisible friends Casey and Nia who are Onaweyans.

5. She has abilities that she doesn’t fully understand.

6. She comes from far away and has a powerful soul mission that she must remember. She must remember the bigger story to her existence.

7. It has been hidden from her from the anesthetic process of the birthing chambers.

8. Amora is an Andrusian in her soul, a being from Andrusia, a galactic sector filled with worlds of love.

9. These worlds of love have powerful blueprints for beautiful planets, and sustainable, harmonious and peaceful societies.

10. The early Andrusian explorers encapsulate these blueprints deep within the earth and leave it.

11. Amora must ignite it with Gabriel and their team. Gabriel is a suit man from Texas

12. But the dark syndicate knows about her birth into earth and is waiting to block her at every turn.

13. Hakan their leader wants his continued control of humanity and will destroy it to keep it.

Deep within the constellation of Ophiuchus in our Milky Way lie a great group of celestial bodies that make up the worlds of Love called Andrusia. As one of the four dominant races exploring the far reaches of the galaxy, the Andrusians have held a high council from which a decision has emerged that will change Earth and the galaxy forever.

From the beginning of the assembly of the four races, it had been established by three of the four that the matrix of using pain and suffering for growth would be enforced through out the Milky Way and especially in the new worlds that were being discovered. Earth was one of them. But from the Andrusian high council the decision has been made to undo the evil and brutal matrix that the Scorpillian, Draconian and Velarians have allowed to reign free throughout the galaxy. The council has determined that this matrix of pain has never worked and never will as a blueprint of growth for souls. The council also puts forth the ignition of a sacred seed capsule that holds the blueprints for the worlds of love within it, placed on earth by the early Andrusian explorers. Earth is the first target for the changes that the Andrusian councils have set forth.

For this monumental mission of dismantling the existing matrix and igniting the seed capsule, a task force is sent to earth containing seven of Andrusia’s best and most highly trained leaders. But there are challenges from the beginning. To manifest on earth part of the team has to undergo the anesthetic administered in the birthing chambers to all souls coming to earth. They then would be placed in different families with the task of finding each other for the mission. They would also be challenged and many times attacked during their journey towards each other by Hakan, the leader of the matrix of pain and suffering on Earth, and his right hand Tadashi. But the timing is crucial, and so the team is launched with only the suppressed memories of their mission and home worlds to help them achieve their goal. Driven by a passion they didn’t understand, two of the three team members that incarnate manage to find each other mid way through their lives. Soul mates Gabriel Ephraim and Amora Madre. The winged Onawayens and childlike spirit allies, Casey and Nia, are also present and have placed themselves with Amora from birth. With a life changing force, the kindred lovers, seasoned and accomplished in the worlds of spirit, love and metaphysics, and the two Onaweyans leave their former lives and set forth on a journey to the capital of the United States. It is summer of 2001 and the sense of urgency has overcome the team.

It is in Washington that the couple is catapulted into service for the Intergalactic Supernatural Intelligence Agency (ISIA) whose existence is known by almost no one. Led by the majestic Presidents Mawari and Guardian Mother, the agency resides hidden in another dimension who’ entrance is only known to some of its agents and to the two Onaweyans on the team. It lies somewhere by the National Archives Building and holds the beauty of ancient celestial palaces. But an inner calling maneuvers the lovers away from the agency to the center of the capital and guides them to unveil something hidden in the spirit worlds over Washington D.C. It makes them aware of a horrific violation blazing the constitution and declaration and calls them to unveil a dark supernatural syndicate manipulating world events and perpetrators of such an act.

Guided by a dream with the Humpback whales who call Amora, she begins to make her way through endless challenges and towards a global event called “the Turning” by the agency’s presidents. Gabriel and Amora begin to decipher the tapestry holding the evil matrix in place not only in the United States but on the earth and as they make their way through the maze of events set in their path, they arrive at a finish with the humpbacks that not only changes the destiny of the nation but of the enslaved human race.

Born in Havana, Cuba, and having immigrated to the United States in 1960, Maria possesses a true and in-depth understanding of the power and unlimited potential of evolving and beginning again. A University of Memphis education graduate and a professional musician and vocalist, Maria moved deeply into the study of music and launched a very successful musical career in 1984, which included experiencing music on the performance level with a world renown jazz assemble and on the educational level as well. Her experience includes programs for gifted children in the public school system and creativity seminars for musicians at the university level. She has been a musical director for church programs, composer of music, and a producer of concerts. In 1997, Maria launched her first school focused on spiritual heart studies and became a full time spiritual growth teacher. She has traveled nationally, performing and delivering seminars for more than twenty years. She is the author of “The Heart’s Unraveling,” a guidebook for her current school and is working full-time on her writing and the launching of her new book, “Liberation: Book One of The Andrusian Chronicles.”

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