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Seven Reasons to Read “When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton Is Empty”

by Jackie M. Johnson, Guest Blogger

Breakups can hurt—but they don’t have to destroy you. If you’re dealing with a relationship breakup, When Love Ends is a helpful resource for healing the pain and rebuilding your life again. Here are seven reasons to read this essential resource for single or single again readers of all ages.

1. It’s a healthy choice and a lasting solution. Whether you were in love or in like, you may be feeling hurt, anger, rejection, or betrayal. Many people don’t know what to do, so they do nothing, or they handle it in unhealthy ways. They try to soothe the sorrow with overeating, drinking, shopping, or partying, and they end up stuffed, sloshed, broke, and tired—and they still have a broken heart. When the party’s over, or when the ice cream carton is empty…then what? You may feel good for a few moments, but the feelings of sadness and darkness remain. When Love Ends offers a lasting solution.

2. It provides a way to handle things—a heart healing journey in four stages—to help you get from your relationship ending to your new beginning.

Twilight is about dealing with endings. It’s the end of the day and the end of your relationship. Here you find perspective, learn to get the comfort and support you need, and begin to grieve your emotional losses.

Night is about healing emotion pain and finding hope and forgiveness, even in the darkest times. You learn the importance of processing your emotions, instead of stuffing them or avoiding them.

Dawn is the awakening of hope. Just as the first light of day helps you to better see with your eyes, the light of God’s truth brings illumination so you can “see” with your heart to learn that you really are worth being loved well, and restore your self esteem and confidence.

Finally, Day is about learning to live in the light. The darkness is fading and now you’re beginning to move forward. You wake up to “the rest of your life” and learn to make healthier choices next time.

3. You learn that if you don’t deal with your breakup pain, there are consequences. You may carry your breakup baggage with you from one relationship to the next, so you never seem to find the healthy and lasting love you truly desire. Or, you repeatedly date and breakup in a crazy-making cycle—attaching and detaching to people—but not really connecting because of the emotional holes in your heart.

4. You find strength to move forward when you feel stuck. No one ever teaches us how to handle emotional pain from love (or like) losses. So you may feel stuck in your story, unable to let go of the past or your pain and hard pressed to move forward. Here, you learn that you are not alone and that you can survive the hurt that lost love can bring.

5. It’s practical, with wise, insightful advice from someone who’s been there herself on how to get the comfort and support you need, how to grieve your losses, and find hope and joy again.

6. It opens your eyes to a new depth of God’s love and care for you. He has the power to heal your heart and change your life. As you move through your healing journey—from darkness to light—you find that your brokenness, your mess, is not too big for God to fix. Just as light overcomes darkness, God’s truth overcomes the lies that keep you stuck in the past or afraid of the future.

7. It will help a friend or family member who’s going through a relationship breakup. If you’re not the one going through a breakup, you may know someone close to you who is. You can give them a copy, or read the book yourself and get ideas on how to help him or her. Another idea is to go through the book together. There are a few questions at the end of each chapter so you can dig deeper and begin to put into practice the good things you’ve learned.


Jackie M. Johnson is an accomplished author and freelance writer who has a passion for helping people who’ve experienced brokenness. Her first book, Power Prayers for Women has sold almost 200,000 copies.
A Milwaukee native and graduate of Trinity International University, Jackie lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

You can visit Jackie online at
and at her blog


While most books for singles tell readers how to get the next guy, When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton is Empty encourages a healthy healing process. Practical and biblically based, each chapter guides the reader through a metaphorical day of restoration. Twilight recognizes and deals with endings, night validates and grieves the loss, dawn awakens hope, and day is the new beginning based on the solid assurance of Christ.

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  1. Thanks for hosting Jackie today. I'm going to be reading this book soon and I am eager to get to it.

    Readers can check YouTube to watch a video trailer of the book



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