Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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"You can take the girl out of Minnesota, but you can't take the Minnesota out of the girl!"

June is the month of weddings and this June was no exception in our family. My cousin got married last weekend in Minnesota and although, no cousins were invited to attend the wedding, aunts and uncles were invited. So, my mom and dad being one of the California aunts and uncles packed their bags and flew to Minnesota, my mother's home state. Their schedule of visits while in Minnesota made me thankful that I was staying at home and wouldn't have to keep up with them. Oh! but how I would love to have gone with them and seen all the relatives.

Included the day before the wedding was a Graveside Memorial;

Graveside Memorial - My mom's brother, Joe died in 1991 and was finally laid to rest in the cemetery next to their parents. His ashes have been taking up space in his wife's closet for the last 19 years. Having planned this graveside memorial his ashes were carefully packed and shipped by Federal Express from Arizona to Minnesota. His wife didn't quite know what to do with him. She didn't think she wouldn't live in the Arizona house forever and wanted to be buried with him, however, when she passes, she will be buried next to her parents in Wisconsin and he'll be next to his in Minnesota. That will be a really hard one to trace for future family historians.

Wedding and Anniversaries - My Cousins Wedding - June 26, 2010. This date was picked and held no significance for my cousin and his bride to be, however, in searching family history it was discovered that our grandparents Steven and Evelyn Winter married and started this line of the family tree 75 years earlier on June 26, 1935 in Minnesota. They raised 6 children, and now the family includes 40+ family members. Happy Anniversary Steven and Evelyn Winter! Wonderful Wedding Wishes to the New Bride and Groom!

Celebrating 95+ years young - Long live the generations. One of my great aunts on my maternal side of the family will have a reason to celebrate her birthday this summer.

My parents return in a few weeks and I'm sure will have plenty of stories to tell about their trip. Have you taken a trip recently? Share with Writing Daze where you visited!


  1. Not yet, but my nephew gets married in August. Road trip for that event!

  2. My daughter got married on June 26th, and my son is getting married on August 14th. Busy summer! But weddings are fun, fun, fun--we danced the night away.


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