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Friday Five - Five Laughable Things That Happened During The Writing of Heartbroken Promises 2 by Sherry Shumard

Today, we have a double of the Friday Five – Five Fun or Laughable Things That Happened during the writing of a novel. Our top post is from Sherry Shumard writing her novel Heartbroken Promises2 and our second post of the day is from Brandie Knight writing her novel Hollywood Under the Covers. I can guarantee you’ll find something to laugh about in each one. Grab your coffee because you won’t want to stop reading and help support an author by buying a copy of their book.


About the Book:
In Heartbroken Promises 2 the main character Vicky Wainright decides to go to Jake’s Island to be close to her sister Miranda. Miranda recently got married to a very handsome and rich man and Vicky decides to stay there for awhile. She meets two new love interests. One is Jake’s brother Jordan and the other one is Noah- her sister’s butler. She is kidnapped while babysitting for Jordan’s son Derrick. She isn’t for sure who kidnapped her or why. Then things get complicated when she has unexpected news. How will she deal with her news? Will she be saved from her kidnapper or kidnappers? Just because it’s an island doesn’t mean it’s going to be a breeze there. A lot of bad things can happen on an island far from her home.

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1. While writing my first novel the only funny thing that happened to me was when I was at a State Park writing notes, the pages flew all over from a brisk wind and I had to chase them down. I wasn’t about to have to rewrite my ideas. My husband was fishing and I was relaxing and writing. The perfect place for me to write is outside at times. As long as it isn’t raining or cold outside I will sit down and write on my books. The most relaxing place for me to write is at home away from everyone or on a getaway away from home such as a short mini vacation. I wonder if on an island…..

2. After my second novel was published I decided to send it to a reviewer to see what they thought of the book. I sent it by email not thinking about it until I got a reply back from the reviewer. She said that the book wasn’t finished and that with more development it would be a great read. I was so shocked! What was she talking about? The book has great characters, an exciting plot, and has an ending. I checked the email attachment that I had sent her and realized that not all of the book was sent to her. The truth was that my computer had crashed awhile back and I was on a new computer and for some reason when I got things restored, the file on the book wasn’t complete. I had to apologize to her and explain to her what happened and the second time I sent her the whole book because I double checked it before I sent it.

3. Well, my cat has jumped up on the table and spilled my cup of soda all over some of my pages that I had been writing. I was able to read them, though. It was all my fault for leaving my cup so close to my manuscript. At least the cup didn’t get spilled all over my computer because then that wouldn’t have been very funny to me.

4. While writing my second novel I did get the name of the main character mixed up with the main character of the first novel but I caught myself and fixed the mistake. In the first novel the main character is Miranda Wainright and in the second novel the main character is Vicky Wainright and they are sisters. I have to really think when I’m writing the books that I keep their names straight. It is easier said than done.

5. While writing my novels it is fun for me to picture myself as the main character in the books. What kinds of fun things can happen while on Jake’s Island? That is what I write about. In the second novel Heartbroken Promises 2 the main character looks at herself in the mirror and sees that her hair is sticking up in all directions. She doesn’t want anyone to see her like that. That’s me in the morning. My hair is so thick and it sticks up all over before I comb it. My kids have laughed hysterically at the way my hair looked first thing in the morning so I thought it would be fun to write that into the story. No one can have perfect looking hair all the time, especially in the morning or on an island…..

About the Author
Sherry D. Shumard lives in Illinois. She is married and has 3 children. She enjoys reading, writing, roller-skating, and watching movies. She is the published author of: Heartbroken Promises, Heartbroken Promises 2, and is currently working on Heartbroken Promises 3. She had a troubled childhood and made a big mistake when she was a teenager. She was a sixteen year old runaway who bought a one-way ticket to Jekyll Island but never made it to her destination. She has started writing that book but will finish it once she takes a trip to Jekyll Island and will take plenty of pictures for the book. It is her goal to go there to see the island since she was drawn to the island for some reason when she saw it in a library book.
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  1. Thanks Rebecca for letting me share five fun things while writing my novel Heartbroken Promises 2.
    Sherry Shumard


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