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Invasion of the Baby Daddy - author interview - Dr. John Bell

EVERY UNWED MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE COMES TO LIFE IN THE PAGES OF INVASION OF THE BABY DADDY, a compelling and moving debut novel that echoes the emotional and cerebral frustrations of unwed mothers throughout the ages. Its unforgettable characters and authentic story line are interwoven with current and real facts about the volume of unwed mothers in our society today. In the story, Dr. Sands believes he has found his perfect mate only to discover that she is pregnant from a previous relationship. Not fully aware of the ramifications of this colossal news, Dr. Sands and Rachel date via long distance during her pregnancy and ultimately decide to get married. In order to make a life together, Rachel must move to Tennessee to start a new life with her husband. But the Baby Daddy has other plans for them. Determined to make this marriage work, Dr. Sands goes to extraordinary lengths to try and negotiate with the Baby Daddy. Brimming with honesty from the author s own experiences, Invasion of the Baby Daddy comes alive with unique freshness, candor and rich detail.

Hi Dr. John Bell,

Welcome to Writing Daze,

Could you please tell us a little about your book?
Invasion of the Baby Daddy is a fictional novel about a family that is trying to keep a marriage together in a blended family. When a Baby Daddy is invading this blended family legally it causes the mother to do the unthinkable, choose between her marriage or her child. Every single Mothers nightmare comes to life in this novel and it resonates in the American blended family structure when the circumstances of the law and practical life consequences collide.

Who or what is the inspiration behind this book?

My inspiration for this book came out of my own personal experiences with my wife who has a child from a previous relationship prior to our marriage. My wife also had a court order that she did not understand that made her and her baby Daddy joint custodians to the child. This also makes their child a ward of the state, which basically meant that my wife could not leave the state with me unless she gave her child to the Baby Daddy. You can see how this tragedy could strain any marriage. This is what inspired me to write this book.

Who is your biggest critic?
I would have to say that I am probably my own greatest critic I always seem to try for the perfection on a project. It is usually where I will not accept the least of things knowing that I am looking for the best of things in life. It's that constant striving for improvement and the dedication that I want to give the public something greater to experience and wonderful to explore from me as an author.

What are you currently working on?

I am now working on the release of my next novel that deals with why ordinary people become promiscuous in society. The book is obviously on an adult level but it really allows the reader to engage into the psychological factors that try to answer the question of why as humans do we do what we do sexually? I am so excited about finishing this book it is really a challenge for me as a person who has been a little bit protected growing up and finally as a grown adult experiencing my male sexual oats if you will. I am sure many guys and females will see themselves in my next release so I feel confident that all will enjoy it.

Who is an author that inspired you?
I would have to say that Maya Angelou with her great book, "I know why the caged bird sings" is an amazing book and uplifting and inspiring all at the same time. I was swept away to see how the book resonated with me and it demonstrated to me the release of emotions in literature and how one can communicate with great words. My next inspiration was with W.E.B. Dubois, with his great book, "The souls of Black Folk." I really was taken by his visionary writings and his appeal of his stature at the time being one of the founders of the NAACP and the civil rights movement that shaped the ideology of great thinkers and communicators of today. My other inspiring author would have to be Dr. Cornel West, with all of his great books, Especially "Race Matters". This book gave a definitive outlook that captured my attention like no other at the time. I heard him speak some years ago and he was amazing to hear. Since then I have been quite fond of Dr. West and all of his accomplishments that have inspired me to write and teach at a college myself.

Please check out my book on "Invasion of the Baby Daddy"
My personal website is there you can see videos, pod cast and enjoy reading more about my Medical career and accomplishments, thank you.

About the Author
Author Dr. John Bell has a Masters degree in Health Services from Strayer University and currently serves as a professor at Strayer University at Shelby Oaks campus in Memphis, TN. Dr. Bell has a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Bell is currently a practicing Surgical Podiatrist at 4 locations throughout the Memphis and Greater West TN community. He is a Veteran of the Gulf War serving 10 years in the U.S. Navy. Bell is also a member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Dr. Bell has one daughter.

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