Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break - Party Time or Study Time

Spring Break for college students at Universities brings to mind images of rich kids vacationing in Mexico and Palm Springs and having parties and getting arrested for making fools of themselves. But, what is spring break all about? Spring break is the time, if you're studious, to catch up on all your future assignments so you won't be waiting until the last minute. Of course, if you are a procrastinator and prefer to wait until the night before your assignment is due, then you have to be prepared for a few things. One of them is sayings directed at procrastinators that seem to be as common as blond jokes. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and the other saying is, whatever can happen, will happen. Procrastination is idleness at its best and wouldn’t you rather be the student who got the A and turned the paper in on time rather than the student who has to come up with a lame excuse.

Here are five things that just might cause you to miss your deadline if you don’t start early.

Printers are notorious for running out of ink with no warning. Once that ink starts fading you have to act fast and the printer might just run out of ink when all the stores are closed.

Your computer decides to give you the blue screen and dies a speedy death.

There is a Power Outage in your area and the power isn’t restored until the next morning

You forgot to check your printer paper inventory and you have only two pieces of paper left and you need six pieces to print your final paper.

Your parents or in-laws decide it would be the perfect day to spend with you and show up unexpectedly on your door step. Of course, they call you first as they are parking in front of your house.

Of course, they could be numerous other possibilities why you can’t get around to finishing your assignment, but I don’t know how believable, “My dog ate my paper” is anymore.

Did you ever procrastinate on things that were due? What’s your best excuse for missing a deadline?


  1. Try this again, I've been having computer trouble for a couple of days now. I do procrastinate. I'm terrible at waiting until the last minute to do a lot of things.

  2. I don't procrastinate half as much as I used to. I find if I overload my plate I tend to put things off, but other than that I can just plod along.

    As for excuses, I try not to use them. Nothing makes up for missing a deadline, so I don't waste anyone's time.


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