Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Writing Daze – Writing Tips - 7 Reasons to Say No to “Going Green”

The term Going Green seems to be everywhere and it means to re-cycle, re-use and return to a simpler way of life. As a busy writer time is money and every minute that is spent not writing is a minute lost that you will never regain. If you’re experimenting with cheaper economical ways to save money or the environment it might be wise to think about ways to make more money with your writing. So, when the Going Green bug catches you, here are seven reasons to say no to “going green.”

1. When your child decides to color your walls with a green crayon

2. When the kids whine to you that the cheese and the bread have green spots.

3. Driving all over town to save money on your groceries – the cost of the gas and your time spent would be put to better use writing.

4. Turn on the air-conditioner – You have just written about a rain storm in your story and you wonder where that thought came from and then you realize it’s the sweat running down your face and dropping onto the paper.

5. Hanging your clothes outside – It might be economical, give the clothes a nice clean smell and save you a few pennies, but how much time are you going to spend hanging up the clothes, taking them down and ironing out all the wrinkles. I don’t know about where you live, but in the city your clothes don’t get that clean fresh smell, more than likely they end up smelling like car exhaust.

6. Fill it the brim – fill your car’s gas tank completely full and don’t think that by filling it only half-way you can hope that the gas prices will come down in a few days. This thinking will require you to fill the tank sooner and it will happen when you are running late to some writing event.

7. Living off the Land – Do you have grandiose Ideas about planting from seeds and having fresh vegetables for your children to eat? The time invested to dig up a garden, fertilize, spray for bugs and maintain for at least 50 days till the first planting is ready to eat is too much for any writer to endure. In the eyes of your child a can of ravioli’s already has a complete serving of vegetables.

As writers we all need to find ways to be economical because in our line of work the checks never arrive when expected. So, instead of squandering time from your writing to save money take a look at how much time you really spend in saving money and send out another query letter.

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