Thursday, January 21, 2010

School Daze - Classroom Advice - Behavior Etiquette for the Adult Student

Nothing is more embarrassing than not fitting in with your peers. As an adult returning to school one area where you’ll want to fit in is in the classroom. It can be daunting to open a classroom door and the room is filled with students young enough to be your children. Most kids will also feel uncomfortable because they might feel like they have a parent in there with them. All kids think everyone over the age of 30 is really ancient. Soon they’ll be asking you if you were born before the car was invented. To be sure you fit in with your classmates follow these simple rules;

If there is a scuffle in the class don’t shout out that phrase you would say to your own kids, “Don’t make me come over there.”

You probably shouldn’t order another student to move out of your chair since it’s not really your chair like you can claim in your own house.

Don’t take your youngest child to class and ask if any of the kids in the class want to babysit during class hours.

If you’re in a freshman class it’s not a good idea to ask the students to go to a bar for a drink after class.

If someone gets a less than a good grade on a test don’t start into a speech about how studying harder and longer would improve their grade.

Don’t turn your conversations into questions of the students’ diets, sleep and driving habits.

Follow these simple guidelines and forget that you are a parent when you are in the classroom and I’m sure by the end of the semester your classmates might even want to live long enough to be your age.

Have you gone back to school recently? Tell me about your adventures?


  1. LOL, Becky, you crack me up. It wasn't like that at all when I went one paid me a bit of fact, there were others my own age so it evened out but it was kinda funny watching the young'uns. I must have rolled my eyes a hundred times.

  2. This is a great post Becky. I didn't have these issues, as I am the biggest kid in the house and I pretty much acted like my peers when I went back.

  3. My learning is done online these days, unless I go to a conference. I haven't been in any regular classrooms in ages.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. Soon, you will have College kids who figure out that the most intelligent students make the best study partners. We always teamed up with the wiser students. ;) They are also the most reliable when working with groups. We always knew the moms would take charge and we'd end up coasting to an A++. Watch out for the users, and don't be afraid to set the standard, makes for a better learning environment.


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