Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Brooks & Dunn Junkie - Country Music to Gently Sway the Muse

As a writer sitting down and putting words on the page and getting the muse to show up with some good ideas can be a challenge. So it helps if I listen to music at night when I’m writing. I don’t know why the music in the background makes the muse to show up, but I definitely won’t turn it away.

My favorite music is country and one of my favorite groups is Brooks & Dunn. Last year this duo announced that they were going their separate ways after 25 years together making hit music. Each will have their own music, but it just won’t be the same.

Since they started their music career I have listened and found that they are the perfect background music to jump start my muse. Most of what they sing is love songs and I get so absorbed in writing that when the CD ends sometimes, I wonder, if I even heard any of the songs.

At Christmas I picked up a few their CD’s and received a few from my daughter, who understood that the music will no longer be the same. I felt like the squirrel packing away a supply of food in preparation for winter. With all the country music artists who have retired recently, I better find others I like to listen to before my muse decides to hibernate.

What kind of music do you prefer at any time?


  1. I can't listen to music or have any type of noise when I work. It's too distracting. Funny, when I was in school, the radio and the TV were going while I did homework. I swear, at 35 my body refused to deal with distractions any longer. :)

    I play Christmas hymns all year long and listen to a fair amount of gospel music, but I also like rock, pop, and easy listening tunes too.


  2. I think that listening to music is such an inspirational and wonderful thing to do. It is amazing when you are listening to a song and the words really hit you and just bring inspiration to you mind. Brad Paisley does that for me.
    Music also makes the worst things (like cleaning, lol) bearable.
    Becky, your blog is gorgeous!!! I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here. I love it! Great job!


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