Monday, June 29, 2009

Replaced By Texting

Who would have thought that texting or Instant Messenger (IM) would replace the important role that kids played in the communication between their parents? Growing up in a generation before e-mail my parents talked to each other by yelling back and forth across the house. Mom yelled from one end of the house to the other but dad being unable to hear through the walls never heard anything after she yelled his name.

“Why does your mother have to mumble, does she think I can hear through walls?” grumbled dad.

It was up to us kids who heard every word of moms request to tell dad what mom had said. We were expected to send his reply back to mom.

“Dad, mom was asking if you wanted spaghetti for dinner.” my brother said.

“Tell her that’s fine with me.” replied dad.

Of course, my brother yelled it to back to her as he stood next to dad.

“Mom,” shouted my brother, “Dad said he was fine with eating spaghetti.”

Then unexpectedly my father slapped my brother on the shoulder.

“Hey, why did you hit me?” Asked my brother.

“Haven’t I told you not to yell through the house,” said Dad.

The rest of us kids hid the smiles on our faces behind our hands.

Today texting has eliminated the need for yelling and has become the silent communicator between my husband and me. Our conversation sounds like this;

(text received) “What time is dinner?” he asks.

(I send a reply) “How does spaghetti sound?”

(text received) “Sounds good to me.” He says.

No yelling required! The kids have been replaced by texting.

Now, if someone would please invent a mute button for the rest of their endless chatter.


  1. LOL, reminds me of that Hansel and Gretel phone commercial where they're skipping through the streets of what looks like New York and dropping bread behind them to make sure they can get back home. They turn around and the bread is gone, they look at each other, the girl's eyes get big as saucers, then they dial into this whatever it's called which shows them how to get home. That is the cutest commercial!

  2. My hubby and I hate texting, so we never do it unless we really have no choice. I still prefer the using the kids as slaves and yelling method. LOL!

  3. Very funny!

    We don't text, we IM, since we're both probably on our computers, wherever we are in the house :-).


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