Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The L.A. Times Book Festival through the Eyes of a Small Press Author

At the Los Angeles Book Times Festival April 25 and 26 I had the pleasure of meeting one author in particular. Marilyn Meredith, http://marilynmerdith.blogspot.com author of No Sanctuary. One of the highlights of blogging about Hollywood stars and famous book authors is being able to meet them in person. Marilyn was signing books for all her fans and gave away an extra special gift for those who bought a book, it was, her first Tempe Crabtree novel, Deadly Omen. Marilyn shares with us her experiences at the book festival at The Real Hollywood blog.

Want to find out more about these exciting characters from No Sanctuary? Click on the links below from the authors virtual book tour:

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Marilyn Meredith blogs
Stiletto Gang: http://thestilettogang.blogspot.com/

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  1. One of my fellow writers on Deviant Art attended the LA Book Fest. and had an incredible time attending panels - and got a signed copy of a Ray Bradbury book! (And said he was wonderful during his talk.)

    L. Diane Wolfe


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