Thursday, March 26, 2009

At The Sound of the Beep Leave Your Name and Number

Have you had enough of those harassing sales calls, or people asking you to donate money, enticements to refinance your home loan or others? Well, I got so tired of the same calls that I decided to play their game. I left this message for incoming calls on my answering machine.

...... I’m not here right now and if you’re calling for a donation, I’m afraid that as a taxpayer all my money has given to AIG and other institutions that have asked for bailout money. Better luck next year.

If you’re the attorney calling for Suzy Homemaker, I’m sure you are a smart guy, after all, you passed the bar exam, but don’t you think that after so many years of leaving the same message with no return call you might ask yourself why? Get a clue, Suzy doesn’t live here, never will.

If you’re calling from some mortgage company and wanting to provide me with the latest and greatest home loan, sorry I’m fresh out of patience to do all that paperwork.

If you’re calling from my kids schools to tell me one of them is sick, besides leaving a message here, which means I’m not home, put a little effort into finding me and call some of my emergency numbers listed on file with the school.

If you’re calling from the doctor’s office with test results please don’t list the human anatomy parts, they are other people picking up these messages.

If you’re anyone else calling with, I hope, some wonderful news leave a message. .........

** I would love to hear the phone calls that you get.


  1. LOL, all I have to say is becky you rock!!!

  2. Hahaha. That's brilliant. I love it.

    I just stopped answering the home phone, though, to be honest.

  3. I love those automated phone calls. You don't even get a person. Don't even have the satisfaction of knowing you hung up on a human being. Bummer.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. Wow, that covers it all!

  5. That first one is great!!!

    Between caller ID and an unlisted number, we don't get many calls. However, answering the phone with "Thanks for calling Dominos, may I take your order?" is always fun...

    L. Diane Wolfe


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