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The House that Built Us - 2002 to forever

  We are celebrating 18 years as homeowners! From the day we moved in we've never look back on all those years of apartment living always following someone else’s rules before we were allowed to live by our own set of rules and become the people we were meant to be.  * We grew as individuals and as a family. Each room has been imprinted with our personalities. With each home improvement we keep imaging the ways we can make the house with our style. * Some days have been long with endless things to do, but the years have gone by quickly. Our dream has been a very happy home for us.  * We’ve welcomed family and friends into our home and the memories have been both happy and sad. I imagine the house breathes a sigh of relief when we go on vacation and as we say good night to each other.  * And I smile as I see the second generation - our lovely granddaughters getting so much enjoyment in the house that we love. * Rebecca Book Writing Coach and author