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Viper’s Tail by Tom Crowley

  Tek Chance, an ex US Army Ranger living in Bangkok, finds himself drafted into the middle of a deadly plot involving right wing Japanese fanatics intent on punishing China for grievances going back to the end of WW II and the loss of Japan’s preeminent position of global power. What he unravels in not only a threat to China but to the world. About the Author Tom Crowley served as a soldier in the Vietnam War where he was wounded, and decorated for his service. During his tour of duty he developed a deep connection with Asia. When he returned to the U.S.A. he joined the protests against the war. After years of working in various Asian countries he ended up in Bangkok working for an NGO that helps street children and adults who are HIV positive. In his spare time he shoots pool. 

Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things About Love and Genius: Book 2 of the Moore Family Series

Joe is ordered to uncover the cause of a military accident. He needs Kathryn’s help but he is not looking forward to working with her. Joe and Kat argue the first time they meet, and again the second and third time, but they still can’t stop thinking about each other. Kathryn has climbed the Alps and several peaks in Tibet. Death threats and challenges don’t really scare her. What does scare her is the way she feels about Joe. Parker Moore is 6 years old. He has trouble remembering his shoes and he thinks goats are cool. Joe and Kat share a very unusual first date. While investigating the accident Joe and Kat encounter two murder attempts, one aimed at her. Joe’s younger sister, Charlie, thinks he needs a date. This is book-two of the series, but it’s a prequel. You can read it first! The pain of Joe’s past has left him lonely. He blames himself, even though he could have done nothing to save his wife. Kathryn has been hiding behind her cold shell so

Writing Daze Chats with Kfir Luzzatto author of The Evelyn Project

Welcome to Writing Daze, Kfir. Can we begin by having you tell us a little about your book? The Evelyn Project is a thriller spanning two centuries. Today’s events are influenced by a loving father's attempt, a hundred years ago, to save his dying daughter. When his cry for help gets into the wrong hands,and a hundred years later, things get out of control. What is the first thing you did to promote your book? In other words, what's your suggestion to authors just starting out? Obtaining honest reviews of the book is the best way to promote a (good) book in today’s social networked environment. With so many books out there readers want some comfort that they will not waste their time reading your book; they will trust reliable book bloggers and other readers with a proven record (which can be easily checked in Goodreads or Of course, if the book sucks that might not be such a good idea. If you had to pick just one book marketing tool that y