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Ten Life Lessons for Loving Yourself as a Black Woman

Lessons Learned Loving Yourself is comprised of 10 Life Lessons in which the author expresses the positive for Loving Yourself as a Black woman. Author Tinisha Johnson tells us she came up with the idea for each chapter, the research, meditation, and/or consultation with experts that went into these lessons. She reveals how this book came through her own experience of trying to find the positive in her life? The book Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself as a Black Woman is comprised of ten life lessons which are as follows: Lesson 1: Happiness is Free and is Found Within You—It is Not Something You Go Looking For Lesson 2: Stop Trying to Control Others and Start Controlling Your Life Lesson 3: Don’t Allow Anyone to Fool You into Thinking What Your Worth is as a Black Woman Lesson 4: Set Goals, and Exercise Your Mind and Body, While Practicing Better Decision-Making Lesson 5: Smile, Thank God for What You Already Have and Keep the Hope Alive Lesson 6: Love Yourself Enough to

U.L. Harper author of The Flesh Statue visits with Writing Daze

When Writing Daze caught up with U.L. Harper on his virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book he gladly talked to us about what he has learned from writing a book that has made him a better writer and person and did he have plans for writing another book. Here’s what he had to say; My next book will hopefully be my best work. I’ve learned so much about reading and writing from my experience with The Flesh Statue that I have the confidence of a prized boxer heading into my next novel. For years I’ve been calling this upcoming novel Sequel. Just recently I’ve changed the name to 12-feet tall. I’ve also caught on to the promotional aspect of the writing world a little. Let me briefly explain. The Flesh Statue is available on POD. One reason for this, is, if I had a traditional publisher, chances were, as a new author I’d blunder interviews and most promotional opportunities, not to mention, I couldn’t get anyone to go to a book reading, no matter what. Only now have I found ways to spe

U.L. Harper, author of The Flesh Statue begins Virtual Book Tour Today

U.L. Harper, author of the fiction novel, The Flesh Statue, will be stopping off at Rundpinne ! Langley, sick of his suburban life and sick of watching the man who raised him wither from the relentlessly ugly clutches of Alzheimer’s, moves to Long Beach with the hopes of finding more. What he finds is a group of poets with a message, a message they want to get out. When Langley moves to Long Beach he instantly finds himself in a new world of poetry and graffiti. A world that is in the throws of destruction and in the need of revolution. Langley is forced to make the decision; does he stay in this new world with its collapsible revolution, or does he attempt to endure a life marred in the memory of his death mother and in the current state of his Grandfather. The Flesh Statue follows Langley on this search for answers and along the way introduces us to an array of characters from the eratic Cinci who is trying to escape a troubled past, to Bert, a man who is willing to fight and burn f

Tinish Nicole Johnson Virtually Tours with her book Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself as a Black Woman

Tinisha Nicole Johnson, author of the nonfiction book, Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself As A Black Woman. Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself as a Black Woman, will be As The Pages Turn visiting off at Lessons Learned discusses many of the issues and concerns women in their twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties face in their personal and professional life from sexism, racism, hair, balancing family, relationships, and much more. The book highlights ten life lessons that are of top priority when it comes to a black woman’s emotions, personal perceptions, and life in general. The book is written to inspire women of all ages, and invite them to realize that real happiness begins from the inside out. Although written specifically with the black woman in mind, many of the concepts in the book would benefit any woman. find Tinisha here at her site