Monday, March 18, 2013

Curb Appeal – Giving Your Home Those Unique Personalized Touches

Personalized Address Plaque

Does your front yard décor make you want to run and hide? Is it beyond looking run-down? Now is the time to freshen up your outdoor décor with decorating touches that add personality and value to your home. Your own unique decorating style tells your neighbors that this is your home and yours alone. You don’t even have to do a large makeover to bring attention to it and give your house that well-groomed feeling.  Changes to your house are easy enough to do with a quick survey of the front of your house and yard. The easiest things to tackle are the items that can be removed or easily updated. 

Porch and walkway lights – light up your front walkway with solar lights and never have to worry about turning on the lights before dark. 

Customized personalized address plaques – those numbers on the front of the house that are broken or missing can sparkle with your own touches in a new address plaque. Match the color with your other décor for a unified look. 

Personalized doormats – feel good about walking into your house with a doormat that has the initial of your last name on it. Tailor it to your own message, “Welcome” or “The house of”  

Residential Mailbox 
Residential mailboxes – it used to be that old house had mailbox slots in the front door, but now you can design your own look. Whether you want a free-standing or post mounted mailbox close to the door now is the time to find something just right. 

A house is only a home when you add little things that reflect your personality and that of your family. Adding customized personalized items might just give you the best looking home on the block. 

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