Sunday, November 25, 2012

Television and Acting Experience

Throughout television history there has been a large number of actors whose experience has come from having had acting lessons. The actors perform much better than if they had no acting lessons and little or no experience. If you take the show “I Love Lucy” all four of the characters, Ricky, Lucy, Ethel and Fred all had very rewarding careers in Vaudeville before they became television legends. Lucy and Ethel never had to work very hard to get laughs. They were true comedians and were used to performing in front of live audiences. When these actors leave television, they sometimes return to the Broadway stage. They have a versatile resume that affords them the ability to move back and forth between stage and television. Their performances because of those acting skills and acting classes have been further enriched.

In television today, there are so many channels and such a demand for shows that it seems little or no effort or acting lessons are required. Even most jobs require experience, so how does television get away with using virtually no acting ability in their shows? If you take the television show, 2 Broke Girls on ABC television, those two girls have to work really hard at getting laughs. The show seems to be modeled after “I Love Lucy” and I know they want to be the next Lucy and Ethel, but they also seem to have no talent. What the show lacks in acting ability they make up for in crudeness. That is not television at its finest. 

 A few decades ago, Hollywood started moving the filming of its television shows to Canada and while that takes away from the jobs in California, yet they still have acting coaches in Canada. Many of these actors could participate in Toronto acting auditions. If television shows hired experienced actors then maybe, viewers would stick around to watch through the first season and many more. 

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