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Spectra - Guest Post by Author Joanne Elder

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Are you looking for a thrill ride that tips the scales of conventional sci-fi? Then SPECTRA, loaded with murder, betrayal and intrigue, may be a great choice for you. RT Book Reviews Magazine recently gave it their TOP PICK rating and said “Elder creates a unique universe and fills it with dynamic characters, making this novel an exhilarating experience.” Midwest Book Reviews said “SPECTRA is an exciting and original questioning of human nature, highly recommended for science fiction fans.”
SPECTRA is a story about the discovery of a unique form of life and the catastrophic repercussions of its exploitation, posing enormous threats to humanity 250 years in the future. Often science fiction plots involve extraterrestrials carrying out ruthless experiments on humans, but what if that was switched up?  Spectra narrows in on the deadly consequences for those immoral enough to exploit a peaceful and intelligent life form. Intrigue is abounding in the subplot which touches on the existence of the human soul with real science to back it. After all, if the soul truly exists, it must be something. So must God for that matter.
Dean Weston, the ruggedly handsome hero of the story, maintains his quick humor throughout, choosing life over power and greed as he struggles to defeat the sociopathic Ivan Campbell, who will sacrifice anyone and anything to satisfy his hunger for power and control. The beautiful heroin, Laura Simmons, quickly learns the meaning of keen wit as she’s forced to run for her life.
With a pace that never lets up, a dabbling of thought provoking science, and even a love story, Spectra has something for every reader. The ending is exciting and complete, yet leaves enough hanging for the recently released sequel, ENTITY.


Author Joanne Elder
Murder and betrayal consume Dean Weston’s life as he struggles to stop the genocide of newly discovered energy-based life forms so unique they cause humans to acquire extraordinary intelligence for a brief period following exposure. As genius edges toward insanity for those exploiting the peaceful entities, a ruthless experiment goes awry leading to the creation of an evil capable of redefining human existence.

Joanne Elder is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering Science at the University of Western Ontario. During her professional career, she spent several years in the aeronautical and nuclear industries, published numerous technical papers in the field of Metallurgical Engineering and presented at international conferences. She now resides in King City, Ontario with her two teen-aged children and husband. Spectra, Elder’s debut novel, and the sequel, Entity, were published by MuseItUp Publishing.

You can visit Joanne Elder’s website at www.sciencefictionthrillers.com.
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